Lasha Kikvadze known on the scene as MockBeat is London-based Producer Born in 1992 in Georgia. covering Deep House, Tech-House and Techno genres.

Lily Pita x Apsara

Since 1999 Indonesian Pita Sari Lubis better known as Lily Pita, to thousands of fans around Indonesia, Europe and Canada, has been spreading the love for dance music to the crowds. Born and raised in Jakarta, Lily Pita lived a long life as a clubber before she began to develop her passion for DJing. Since then Lily Pita has been performing an impressive number of prestigious Indonesian, European and Canadian clubs. Signed onto Spinach Records Management for years, she has amazed her fans worldwide with her performances at Baia – Colosseum Club, Embassy club, Stadium Jakarta, X2, Red Lite Montreal, Dagobert Quebec, Centro Jakarta, Double Six Bali, Sundance Festival & Aquadance Festival Slovakia and that is just to name a few the list goes on with cities like Jogjakarta, Bandung, Palembang, Jambi, Prague, Bratislava, Nitra, Vranov, Plzen, Ostrava and many more. Her sound will blow you away, with a combination of deep house, progressive house and tech house. With a string of well supported releases for labels such as Bedrock, Bonzai Progressive, Glasgow Underground, Soundteller, ICONYC Music, Stellar Fountain, Clinique Records, Beatfreak Recordings, and many more she has gained the attention of a new audience worldwide. Progressively gaining recognition as a producer, she has seen her music supported by the likes of John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo,Quivver, Nick Warren, Marcelo Vasami, Chris Cargo, Priya Sen, Oliver Lieb, Progressive House World Wide, Progressive Astronaut, John Johnson, Max Graham, Deeparture, Ibiza Radio1, Philipp Straub, Darin Epsilon, Andy Moor and many many more.

From Tokyo to San Francisco and now to Jakarta, Apsara’s mind-blowing DJ sets has become an addiction to dance music fans everywhere she goes. Whether it is an underground rave in the San Francisco Bay Area, megaclubs like Stadium Jakarta, or the grand stage of Tomorrowland, her unique style and sound has given many people a memorable dance floor experience. This Japanese born DJ is a natural born DJ, a complete DJ that can truly shake a dance floor. She began her career by spending many hours on the dance floor as a clubber, but this once proud California raver always knew that one day she’s going to be in the DJ booth commanding the dance floor. Not long after her first gig in San Francisco in 2009, her career took flight and travelled around the world performing in nightclubs and festivals such as Tomorrowland (BE), Djakarta Warehouse Project, SHVR Ground Festival, Ruby Skye (SF, USA), 1015 (SF, USA), Avalon (LA, USA), Womb (JP), Air (JP), Akrham (CH), Jiro (MY), Time (PH), Jenja (ID), Blast (TH) and many others.

As a producer, she has tracks released under Truesounds Music, Beatfreak Limited, Percomaniacs, Crash!, Safe Music, ZeroThree Music(toolroom), Diesis Records, Plus Records, Apulia Records Moonshake Records and many more coming.

Currently a resident of the party capital of South East Asia, Jakarta, she’s a regular at many Indonesia nightclubs. Make sure to catch her ‘After Dark’ radio Show every month at Frisky Radio, where you can hear Apsara shares new tracks from underground producers from around the globe.

Mila Journée

Brazilian producer Mila Journée aka Camila Jornada, born in Santiago, started producing in 2016 and in this short period she already has a considerable catalog, with more than 70 tracks released in important record labels such as Bla Bla Music (Netherlands), Krad Records (Argentina), Prisma Techno (Brazil). At first, she had a more focused work on Minimal / Deep Tech, now she’s producing more Melodic Techno, obtaining excellent response from the record labels and the public. Mila Journée has stood out in the national scene and is appointed as a new Brazilian talent. In his productions, she received support from BLOND:ISH, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin, someone else, Carlos Alfonsin, DUKE, Dubman F., Marco Carola and many more. As DJ Mila Journée ignites the clubs where she goes with an artistically constructed set, she engages her audience in the ethereal sound that emanates from her productions and repertory.

Alex Breitling

When he turns 18, he starts to DJ in his hometown Koblenz and quickly becomes a regular in the local clubs. In 2012 he decides to work with his first DAW’s to produce his own tracks. After some lessons in playing piano he released The Track «Lift Up» on the Label Armada Records. He prompty lands himself DJ gigs in smaller clubs, bars and festivals like Nature One or Ruhr in Love in Germany. In 2019, Alex is back in business and he released on labels like Songspire Records and Wanderlust. His challenge for 2020 is to release new stuff on his favourite labels to establish himself in the dj world.


Shome entered the world of the House and Techno in 2015, but it was not until 2017 when he began to stand out with his release La Llorona, a track that has gone around the world thanks to the continued support of Deadmau5 that has presented it exclusively on the famous radio show on BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong. From that moment he began to consolidate his musical career by creating new cuts in which they merge ephemeral melodies with techno, house and percussion bases. Shome combines his time with his residences in Ibiza where he has played in places like Café del Mar, Ibiza Global Radio, Experimental Beach Club, Pioneer Dj Radio, Sonica Ibiza or Hotel Pacha. In the studio he has created magnificent jewels such as Karma (Ephemeral Music), Paiguen Ep (Awen Records) or a edit for Ame ́s song No War exceeding more than 10,000 visits in Soundcloud.


An 80000 km journey, two ripped up summers, circle ritual dances around Antartica; ancient survival rites, the miracle that hatches out after winter, an accurate glare that pierces the solid darkness, the fertile intimacy, the deep love that finds its way in a shapeless world, the birth, life stating its order in the face of entropy, the shine of a smile: EKDK.


Synästhesie is the german translation for synesthesia, a disorder that assigns a different perception to a sensory stimulation. This is the concept behind the music project created by Emiliano Di Clemente and Simone Mancin: two minds that perceive different sensations and merge to create a unique vision. In 2014 in Torino (IT), they have their first encounter and begin to collaborate, thanks to the shared love for various music genres such as progressive house, new wave, electronica and techno.Their tracks has been supported by Tale Of Us, Øostil, SOEL and other artists. Their sets stand out for the use of melody and the great variety of sound and genres that characterizes the whole project.


Rene and Camila are the union of two parallel forces that have the same intensity, applied to the sound system translated as Binaryh.The duo seeks to create their music with freedom and excitement. As a set in two voltage levels, all their sounds are based on two numbers that make possible the harmonization of the most obscure elements that exist in the sound realms: organic, digital and analog.The principles that connect both artists in a unique code do reverence a mathematics and technology era, and the result of the whole process is a techno marked by life- giving basses and prodigious melodies, which sheds light on the beauty of darkness. Their music are carefully architected to share an constant and increasing atmosphere, synthetic lines of code written with feeling, a touch of poetry in the middle of the shadows.Discovered by the German label Steyoyoke, Binaryh was invited to join a select family, and were the first Brazilians to release on their Techno branch, Steyoyoke Black. In just one week, the debut EP «Primary Code» was among the Top 40 Techno Released on Beatport.


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