Israeli producer Ran Katan presents the 115th release on the Awen Tales label. At only 21 years old, Ran has music that has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and plays worldwide. In this EP “Looking Good” is a single that the Israeli has been working on for half a year focusing on melodic techno […]

TOCOYUA / Josefono L Telefono

The EP is influenced by the ancestral rhythms of Mexican culture. Tecoyua means “noise” in Nahuatl, with the intention of connecting with our ancestors, Josefono L Telefono and Alacrán del Amor come together to create this piece that mixes different genres such as techno and trance, with progressive influences and ancestral rhythms.Josefono L Telefono is […]

ACT OF FAITH / Civil Servant

Civil Servant was always captivated by the relentless impact music has on people and societies. His mission is to create music that could make a positive change on people. So, AWEN Tales welcomes Act Of Faith, new single from canadian producer Civil Servant. The purpose of this track is to inspire trust in things like […]

Concealed Darkness / K.eem

AWEN Tales presents Concealed Darkness EP from 2o years old Lebanese producer K.eem. A world of sounds filling the hearts with euphoria through forceful and emotional melodies. This young producer makes sure he guides you on a journey in which you will be put face to face with your inner emotions. Combining explosiveness with sentiment […]

NO WAY OUT / Patrick Hero

The beat takes you through a romantic techno party with free and subtle ups and downs. Across a very good rhythmic composition. Not only as a producer, also as a DJ he manages to give the crowd goosebumps with his sets of rolling basses, crazy effects combined with synths. Whether it’s “Rave on Snow”, “Wagenbau […]


Ethereal Future is an EP with three tracks created by V.A (Furkan Cinar, Mëi and Gueva) for Awen Tales. The first track is Furkan Cinar feat Damla Eker- Closed Eyes. Furkan Cinar is a DJ/Producer from Istanbul. He was born in Istanbul, in 1996. His style is distinguishing due to intense atmospheric and energetic techno […]

Closer / Another Soul & X.V., A · Tonic

AWEN TALES is proud to present Another Soul in collaboration with X.V., They both are young independent musicians.The new EP is called Closer and is a musical fragment that expresses nostalgia, melancholy and hope. This feelings can manifest in a very meaningful way. That is why Another Soul and X.V. take the listener into an […]

DESIRE / Suit 9

Suit 9 comes to AWEN TALES with a powerful and layered music on his new EP called Desire. It comes with two original tracks. The use of arpeggios, trippy synths and hypnotic sounds is one of the main characteristics of Suit 9 sound. Desire is a punchy track with subtle chants and deep ridges. The […]

Deepside / Eddy Tango

Munich based Eddy Tango continues his musical growing path by joining AWEN Tales with this fantastic three tracker EP called Deepside. Influenced by a magic place Turkey, the whole pack is an outstanding music piece of melodic Techno and progressive. Eddy gives a glimpse of his talent by bringing this music on a live recording […]