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“We are Myōos Our career as DJs began in 2014 and at the beginning of 2018 we started with our own production of electronic music. After a long process of joint creation, we decided to advance in the formalization and unification of the duo that we have been leading. Our ideologies and beliefs both in the musical and the personal converged in the unity that we managed to bring to reality. From there, we are Myōos.• • Our style The joint synergy has resulted in a unique musical style. The evolutionary process of our style comes from techno which was mutating towards progressive techno and Melodic house & techno. This is due to the new knowledge of music production that we have been learning and from the experiences of presentations at local events. So we learned more and more about the listener’s reaction on the track and the musical approach that we want to convey when playing live. We understand the role that each artist / DJ plays in a show and we know how to adapt without leaving our comfort zone. This brings us to a fairly thorough pre-event work. We know that the constant selection and renewal of music allows us to maintain a line of growth, adaptation and permanent change.”