Joseph Carlo

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Joseph Carlo is a Venezuelan producer, songwriter, and DJ. He was raised in the suburbs of Caracas and later moved to Madrid at the age of 20. He actually was a swimmer and dreamed of having a Olympic career. Instead, he started his DJ career in the 2012 in Caracas with his friends. In 2015, Joseph earned an Audio Engineer Degree at the SAE Institute Madrid and start to DJ at different clubs of the capital, trying to express his vision of music. After five years producing different types of music nowadays Joseph Carlo can finally say that he is in the right path to find his own sound. An unique talent with an ability to express the most abstract sounds in electronic music. Joseph ́s productions are unexpected, groovy hypnotic and melancholic with strong impacts. His attention in little details in the studio promises for a long career. Already supported by Øostil, Greg Ignatovich, Animal Picnic, Magdalena, Heik, Oibaf&Wallen, DPMND, Czerniak, AB+, Vita V and many others