Aves Volare

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Aves Volare’s characteristic sound is a synergy between his live soaring vocals and unfathomable waves of energy that crash over dance floors. Both elements combining to create an emotional connection of energy from artist to audience. His unique combination of deep melodic and progressive techno combined with his own overlaid vocals has seen his star rise quickly in 2019 with a memorable set at Rainbow Serpent’s famous market stage as well as back to back original releases on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent label, co-written with Citizen Kain and Teenage Mutants. This on the back of well received releases on Beatfreak Recordings and Ein2 late in 2018 has ensured that this English/Australian hybrid is starting to get the international attention that someone of his passion and talent demands. Paul Johnson aka Aves Volare (latin: Birds Fly) hails originally from a small town called Darlington in the north of England but has called Melbourne home for as long as cares to remember. He is a DJ, producer and vocalist with a notable talent for taking listeners on deep melodic and progressive techno fueled journeys of musical wonder. His dark and melodic production and vocals under his solo project Aves Volare, that has seen him collaborate with the likes of Nicone, Teenage Mutants, Citizen Kain and The Note V and released on such labels as Stil Vor Talent, Einmusika Recordings, Katermukke, Dear Deer Records, Dantze & Manual Music.