Awen Records is thrilled to unveil its upcoming release, the captivating EP titled “When The Night Time,” crafted by the talented producer The Timeless (BE). With reference number AWEN196, this EP features two original tracks: “When The Night Time” and “Go Insane,” along with a powerful remix of “When The Night Time” by renowned producer Airwave. Exploring “When The Night Time” with The Timeless (BE) In the contemporary music landscape, The Timeless (BE) emerges as a sonic sorcerer capable of conjuring immersive atmospheres. Hailing from Belgium, The Timeless transcends creative boundaries, seamlessly fusing sonic elements that lead listeners on an entrancing journey. With an innate ability to weave evocative melodies, his EP “When The Night Time” stands as an electronic masterpiece. The Airwave Remix: Elevating the Experience to New Heights Airwave, also known as Laurent Véronnez and based in Brussels, is an iconic figure in the global dance music scene. His influence spans over two decades, punctuating electronic music history with hits such as “Innerspace,” “I Want to Believe,” “Above the Sky,” “Alone in The Dark,” “Ladyblue,” and “Save Me.” Collaborations with industry giants and his profound impact on the Progressive Club Music sound grant him a unique place in electronic music annals. A Fusion of Talent in “When The Night Time” The EP “When The Night Time” shines as a testament to the convergence of The Timeless’s creative genius and Airwave’s distinctive approach. Tracks “When The Night Time” and “Go Insane” reflect The Timeless’s sonic exploration and experimentation, while Airwave’s remix of “When The Night Time” adds layers of depth and energy, creating an impactful auditory journey.