Awen Records presents its new VA, Awen189, a 19-track compilation featuring an impressive selection of artists from around the world and a variety of electronic music genres ranging from progressive house to dark techno. Featured artists on Awen189 include Kommodo, Shamans, Areeas & Moodayz, Civil Servant, MAC:ANN, Saintbull, Marcelo Fratini, Remains Of Silence, Redig, Michele Miglionico, Masella, Ryan Hill, Senses of Mind, Thas, Ethan Heich, Anspect, Andrea Martini, Braynod and Thom Rich. Each of the selected artists brings their unique style and vision to electronic music, resulting in a diverse and exciting compilation. From the beginning of VA, one can feel the energy and enthusiasm it took to select the tracks. Each artist has contributed their own perspective and expertise to the compilation, resulting in a wide range of styles and genres that complement each other to create a cohesive listening experience. Awen Records is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in electronic music, and Awen189 is an excellent example of this. Each track has been carefully selected to ensure that the compilation delivers an exciting and diverse listening experience. All in all, Awen189 is an impressive release that showcases the quality and innovation of the Awen Records label. If you are a fan of electronic music and are looking for an exciting and diverse compilation to add to your collection, you should definitely consider Awen189, which features all these great artists, including Kommodo.