Undercurrent EP, from producer Saccao, is some serious melodic, avant-hard techno out on AWEN Records. Work fully oriented to get people out of their heads on the dance floor. Some complex arpeggiators bring the heat on. Combined with some long pads, a potent bass and appealing synths, Saccao, manages to punch right in. The track that gives name to the pack, Undercurrent, follows an hypnotic bass, twisted synths to create a really deep and party vibe. Ethereal Reincarnation hits perfectly with a punchy and hypnotic kick that goes perfectly with the playful acid arpeggios. The layered synths create such an atmosphere, the ups and downs of the track also deliver some serious tension. Alluring synths and dazzling pads are very well placed and created on the overall production of the track. Some serious dance floor oriented piece of work on this one.