TOCOYUA / Josefono L Telefono

The EP is influenced by the ancestral rhythms of Mexican culture. Tecoyua means “noise” in Nahuatl, with the intention of connecting with our ancestors, Josefono L Telefono and Alacrán del Amor come together to create this piece that mixes different genres such as techno and trance, with progressive influences and ancestral rhythms. Josefono L Telefono is an electronic musician, producer and remix artist from Mexico City. It all started in 2008 during his Audio Engineering and Production career at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, where he was surrounded by DJs as well as Techno and Tech House producers, such as Marino Canal. He has played on many of the most important clubs and festivals in Mexico such as; EDC Mexico, 212 RMX Festival, CABO Music Fest, Bravo, Bar Oriente, Departamento, M.N. Roy and Casa Morelos to name a few. In addition, he has also had presentations in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and Guatemala. Throughout his career, Josefono L Telefono has achieved to offer a fresh, dark and particular genre. He has shared the stage with international artists such as; Oliver Koletzki, H.O.S.H, YokoO and Oceanvs Orientalis, as well as Mexican big artists in the electronic scene such as Bufi, Iñigo Vontier and Mijo among others. His single in collaboration with Apo Tulup “Mary Sea”, managed to climb to #5 of the Hype Top 100 of Melodic House and Techno, and #38 of the Top 100 in Beatport. The track begins with a soft and lively beat with tribals and sparkling sound lights, the voice is continuous and melodic; in the minute 1:25 changes to a sound more electric and vibrant, the track ends with a refined and clear beat. Perfect for combining with a drink in your favorite club.