TO THE RISE / Spalamp, Malandra Jr.

Spalamp are partners in music, producers, DJs, live acts…Both came from Italy, Marco studied during his childhood piano and trumpet at the Academy of music playing in an orchestra and Mirko started djing after buying the first record vinyl at early ages. The two Djs met in London and later moved to Berlin, an inspirational frontier that is allowing them to enlarge their bonds. Their production and music are a mix of new original sounds, using rhythmic structures to create a unique style, difficult to establish within a genre, with a great electronic influence… Definitely a music that can make people dance feeling their deepest emotions coming alive. To the rise is a 3 track EP melancholic, dark and emotional with driving grooves and explosions of sound. The melodic groove of To the rise puts you in a state of emotions. Universe emotionally drives you with a melancholic break melody line. The sound is warmest with an ethereal atmosphere with long build up and catchy chords progression. When you listen to it, you enter an unknown universe in which you can only enjoy dancing and letting yourself be carried away by the beats. And of course the awesome remix of Malandra Jr, who began his career when he was very young studying piano and clarinet in the conservatory graduated with honors, won several awards finding in electronic music his real passion. He mixes his deep knowledge of classical music with electronics perfectly captured in To the rise remix making you travel out of the world through harmonious beats perfectly placed on the track.