Awen Records, a pioneering force in the world of electronic music, is pleased to present the new and enigmatic release by IURII: “The X-Files.” Under the reference [Awen206], this EP offers a unique sonic experience created by the distinguished producer and DJ, IURII. IURII, an artist who has left a mark on the electronic scene, is known for his passion and dedication to music. With his love for the melodic techno genre, IURII embarked on his musical journey at the early age of 16. With over a decade of experience, he has been both an event promoter and a performer, sharing his art in a variety of settings. The EP “The X-Files” is a window into IURII’s creativity and innovation. The title track, sharing its name with the EP, pays homage to the famous mystery series. Inspired by the intrigue and unique narrative of “The X-Files,” IURII has breathed life into this track by reinventing the original notes. Each phrase is a testament to his artistic vision and originality. The EP also presents familiar elements, adding a touch of familiarity to the enigmatic aura. Moreover, the tracks “Lunar Authority” and “Majestic” complete this auditory journey. Inspired by the world of “The X-Files,” these tracks offer a unique musical perspective on the plot and atmosphere of the series. Each note is meticulously woven into the tapestry of sounds, transporting listeners through an immersive experience. IURII has brought these exceptional compositions to life using the Reaper software, showcasing his technical skill and passion for music production.