TAKE ME HOME / Michael Beiruty, Shamans, Anma, Riggel

After being away from home for a long time, Michael Beiruty found inspiration by going through the feelings of nostalgia. Being away from his roots allowed him to distance himself from his comfort zone and find new revelations to capture in his music. He could finally see life in a new perspective and better understand the relation between the universe and humankind and release this new EP with Awen Records. Michael Beiruty translated these sensations into a language that could not be other than melodic house music. Relying on Ableton as the backbone of his sound, he brings us four different versions of “Take Me Home”, which features remixes by Rig, Anma and Shamans. Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon -now living in Dubai, when he started producing- Beiruty finds with this EP new ways to top perform himself.