Starlker marks Noissier’s highly anticipated debut on Awen Records. Kastis Torrau, better known by his moniker Noissier, is a well-respected DJ and producer with a proven track record of collaborations with some of the most prominent names in the progressive sound scene, including Sasha. With his latest EP, Noissier draws from his varied sound perspectives to deliver a collection of four original tracks that showcase his unique sound and style. The EP’s title track, “Stalker,” sets the tone for the entire release, with its pulsating energy and infectious rhythms that will keep listeners moving from start to finish. “Naranja” and “Actarus” continue the EP’s journey, with Noissier’s signature sound providing the foundation for these powerful tracks. Finally, “Blue Arrow” closes out the EP with its hypnotic melodies and driving beat, leaving listeners craving for more. Overall, Starlker is a must-listen for fans of progressive house and techno, and it is sure to establish Noissier as one of the most exciting artists in the genre today.