[Awen Records], a driving force in the electronic music landscape, proudly presents an engaging collaboration under catalog number [Awen203]. The EP titled “Save the Planet” unites the talents of producers Alain Fanegas and Karpovich, delivering two exceptional original tracks: “Save the Planet” and “Discovery Worlds.” Alain Fanegas, a DJ and producer born in San Sebastian, Spain in 1988, has made his mark on the music scene since his early performances in 2010. His music journey began at the age of 14. Following a successful 7-year collaboration with Julien Uranga as the duo Flashers, Alain Fanegas shines in the Afro House and Melodic Techno genres. His productions have garnered recognition on labels like Manitox, Monza Ibiza Records, and Go Deeva, reaching the 22nd spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Afro House chart. He has graced prestigious clubs and festivals, sharing the stage with notable names in the scene. Karpovich, a skilled DJ, producer, and remixer, crafts a unique sound in his tracks with captivating arrangements. His compositions stand out for their distinctive blend of electronic sounds and content. With a presence in the top 100 Indie Dance, Karpovich elevates his ranking with each new release and collaborates with renowned labels and festivals. The EP “Save the Planet” by Alain Fanegas and Karpovich will be available on all major streaming platforms starting from [Release Date]. Prepare to immerse yourself in this impactful collaboration, as “Save the Planet” and “Discovery Worlds” transport you to a one-of-a-kind sonic journey. “Save the Planet” offers a sonic narrative that resonates with the urgent call to protect our environment. This track combines pulsating rhythms and engaging melodies to create a captivating musical experience that conveys the importance of collective action. “Discovery Worlds” ventures into uncharted sonic territories, guiding listeners through an exploration of captivating soundscapes. The track’s dynamic arrangements and intricate production draw listeners into a universe of sonic discovery.