RITUAL / cybek

Ritual EP is a launch of Cybek for Awen Tales on february 2022. Cybek began music during his teenage years in a hard rock group, he quickly turned to techno music in the early 2000s, attending many techno clubs in the south of France. He quickly wanted to reproduce what he liked in this style, a dark, melodic and dancing music. After a few years of practice he decided to give up music to discover other passions such as travel and photography. It was in 2018 that he decided to resume music, at first to fill a free time in his life, but the passion for techno remained despite the time, he worked hard, took lessons with great artists to achieve the goal of making peop le dance to his music. The name of the EP is Ritual, it’s formed by Respire and Shaman tracks. In the words of the DJ Cybek: “The track “respire” -breathe in french- refers to the fact that I used no processing on each instrument, to leave them free in the space that I assigned to them. The shaman track is one of the most complex that I have done, it really puts a strain on me. In all aspects of the track, there are difficulties that I took months to master, this track is a journey between the rational and the madness.” Progressive ups and downs with a background beat that changes gradually in a dark and overwhelming environment. The sound throughout the track until the end is moody and dark with vowels that are in tune with the rhythm.