NO WAY OUT / Patrick Hero

The beat takes you through a romantic techno party with free and subtle ups and downs. Across a very good rhythmic composition. Not only as a producer, also as a DJ he manages to give the crowd goosebumps with his sets of rolling basses, crazy effects combined with synths. Whether it’s “Rave on Snow”, “Wagenbau Hamburg” or “Die Rakete Nürnberg”, Patrick always manages to take people on a journey together with his musical repertoire. Hero’s homebase is Die Fabrik in Bayreuth and there he welcomes the who’s who of the techno scene. Once Hero, always Hero. The EP contains two tracks: No Way Out the first one and Lovelies, his debut EP for Awen Records. With this EP he wants “to take you on a journey. Forget time and space and let yourself be driven by the bassline, the pads and the synths. Music on – world off”