Mythia , the new EP of Palinodia is formed by 3 absolutely beautiful dreamy-party tracks, plenty of creativity and talent: 1. Mythia ( original Mix) Progressive house. 2. Gargoyle ( original Mix) Melodic techno. 3. Love together ( original Mix) Indie Dance. “Mythia” is a dreamy name describing a goddess who is lost in our world. In the artist’s own words. Talking about Palinodia is a musical Project trained by Alex Kounalakis originally from Crete, Greece currently based in Heraklion, Crete. The passion for techno and electronic music has moved the artist to create this EP. With every new sound, Palinodia always tries to develop his creativity and offer something fresh and unique for the audience. These days, he composes his own material and plays live sets with both his voice and his own musical instruments with spiritual, progressive and melodic tones, which drives you in a different way of thinking. Palinodia music is just the start of a new material that is going on out there with already released releases by Natura Viva (IT), Awen Records (ES). You can join Palinodia on all digital platforms. Mythia, the first one, keeps the rhythm alive with a progressive, positive and party beats that make you feel alive in every sound of the track. The voice is perfectly mixed with the music all along the song. Expressing a clear freshness. Gargoyle, the second one, is the strongest song with a masculine voice that is very fresh. Decorated with heavy ups and downs. Love together the third one is perfect, in my opinion, to a party ending with the same beautiful masculine fresh voice and who invites you to feel the love in an Indie dance way.