Michael Beiruty has no rules or ways in the way he produces. He always starts with something different either with a Kick or a Vocal or a Synth and works his way through it. With Galactique Ritual he started with the main Melody that he wrote and usually in his tracks he likes to tell a story, in that story there are 2 melodies competing at the beginning to find out later on that they are not so much different after all. The idea of ¨Galactique Ritual¨ is that it talks about how the stars, planets, moons and star dust are all connected and have rituals and dances that they do around the galaxy and the universe. On the other hand, Miscellany is totally different. He usually doesn’t like to use the same sound twice or the same idea every time, he always starts fresh. Miscellany means a mixture of things, if you listen to Miscellany from start to finish you’d understand how complex it is but in a very clear way.