Awen Records proudly presents “Liberta'”, the latest EP release by artist TPSY, with the catalog number AWR190. The EP features three original tracks, “Liberta'”, “Our deepest fear” and “We become”, as well as a remix of the title track “Liberta'” by Munich-based producer and DJ Julian Wassermann. TPSY, originally from Malta, has made a name for himself in the underground scene with his unique focus on underground, dark grooves, and melodic techno. His passion for music has inspired him to create tracks that transform melancholic experiences and vibes into sound. Julian Wassermann, on the other hand, is a renowned producer and DJ in the melodic house and deep techno scene. As a resident DJ at Harry Klein in Munich, Wassermann has played at clubs and festivals around the world, including Watergate in Berlin and Pleinvrees in Amsterdam. With his top 10 single “Gotland” and his successful releases on labels such as Kompakt, Stil vor Talent, and Einmusika, Wassermann is a well-respected artist in the scene. The collaboration between TPSY and Julian Wassermann on the “Liberta'” remix promises to be an interesting reimagining of the original track. Meanwhile, TPSY’s original tracks on the EP showcase his unique focus on melodic and dark techno, with “Our deepest fear” and “We become” promising to captivate listeners with their unique vibes. Overall, TPSY’s “Liberta'” EP release on Awen Records is an exciting addition to the underground music scene and a must-listen for fans of melodic techno. The EP’s title track, along with TPSY’s original productions and Wassermann’s remix, promise to take listeners on a journey through the depths of dark, melodic techno.