LAST CHANCE / Ayhan Akca

If his previous releases proved that Ayhan Akca deserved being labeled as a promise within progressive house, in Last Chance, the producer and founder of Dramatic label alerts us that things are getting serious. The tracks feature the same dance pulse that took Akca to the No. 13 on the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 Chart with his previous releases, “Me and You” and “Hodag”. The EP, released by Awen Tales, is led by the tracks “Aurasment” and the eponymous “Last Chance”, which bring together the typical characteristics of Akca’s romantic, melodic and rhythmic sound. The same sound that led him to be recognized by colleagues such as Markus Schulz, Cristoph and Animal Picnic, among others. Last Chance has the dancefloor as its north, but on the way to it he shows more details that allow us to think about the multiple possibilities of the genre. And in this, undoubtedly, lies the talent of Ayhan Akca.