KO / Nicko/////

After his release on Awen Tales in 2020, Nicko returns to the Spanish label to release his second reference in their catalogue. In his music we can guess the beginnings of this Belgian producer called Nicko Moyano, when he started in the universe of analogue sounds in the cellar of his parents’ house during the years of the turn of the century. Nicko gives us two tracks with a definite aroma of the best sounds of those days. Ko opens the EP with a suggestive loop that serves as the basis for this dancefloor-oriented smash, with an ascending structure that takes us to the vocal track that serves as a stop sign before the definitive restart. In the second track, Shaper, the bass is the definitive protagonist of the first part of the track, accompanied by a rhythmic pattern that marks the epic of Shaper. Again, the female vocal presence evokes sounds of the golden rave eras and serves as a bridge to the final denouement.