Invisible Dream / Lysa Chain

The Ep Invisible dream is a mixture of ethnic sounds and electronic ones. The use of the handpan in the first track is often used by the artist also in his live sets. Lysa Chain is an Italian DJ and producer. After a long journey of studies and experiences in the world of live shows as a singer and musician, she begun to play as a deejay in 2017 performing at the wish summer adventure festival under the alias of e-Lisa, together with international top artists such as Martin Garrix, Vinai, Deorro, Quintino and many others. Always passionate about electronic music and fascinated by live PA, she started her music evolution that brings her closer to techno and melodic techno sounds, so she decided to create a new alias in order to identify herself in the genre. Hence, Lysa Chain was born, a project that aims not only to release new unreleased tracks, but also to perform live, using analog instruments in their DJ sets, such as drum machines, synthesizers, controllers, wind instruments such as the flute or particular instruments like the handpan combined with melodically more refined sounds in the world of electronics. The EP has two songs escape with me and invisible dreams, the songs are full of energy and rhythm like an energy drink in a party of beats. Escape with me is more darky but full of party sounds and invisible dreams is plenty of strong beats. The perfect combo for having a girly party!