FURTHER ABOVE / Gabriel Filip & Mangata, A · Tonic

Gabriel Filip starts his passion for electronic music from a very young age in Romania and Mangata is a music producer/ DJ based in Limassol, Cyprus, that with only 16 years began djing. Gabriel has habitually performed EP’s and remixes with labels like: Eat My Hat Music, Balkan Connection, SMTC Underground, Another Life Music, Stellar Fountain, 3rd Avenue, Droid9, Vesta Records for example. On the other hand Magnata started guest appearances in clubs and bars like Hipnotica, Versus, Volume, Elite, Rua, In Theory, Bikini, Timothys Art Bar and so much more. The mix of styles of Gabriel with a melodic techno and a progressive house and Mangata with a deep techno that sounds with a groovy yet melodic music (his sets will give you a smile of ecstasy) are the perfect combo for an energetic and revitalizing sound. You have to listen to it, dance it and realize that sometimes two is better than one!