The EP Feel in the DJS own words: ” Working in pairs, we experienced a feeling of contrast that inspired us on this exciting journey”. Moeaike is the pseudonym of Italian duo of composers and electronic music producers Roberto Dell’Osso and Gaetano Laterza. Both hugely successful DJs in Italy’s House music scene, the pair started collaborating and producing music together in 2019. Moeaike’s music draws inspiration from the intense melodies of Ambient music, a mix of electronic sounds, culminating in an evocative Dark Sound. The atmosphere generated by their music reflects the separate musical growth of the two artists. Roberto and Gaetano were born in Taranto, in the south of Italy, home to the largest steel mill in Europe. Despite being a big employer, the high level of air pollution coming from the factory has seriously damaged the quality of life for the people of Taranto. Yet, it was in this very factory that the duo had worked since they were teenagers. With its black clouds and red hills the factory gave rise to a sense of environmental consciousness in Roberto and Gaetano. Listening to the cries of alarm emanating from every corner of their home city, they decided to permanently leave the world of industry to dedicate themselves fully to making music. Music that will have the power to convey a message of hope and rebirth for a mistreated land, and indeed for the environmental safeguarding of the entire planet. They have therefore undertaken a project which has been inspired by these values, starting with the pseudonym: “MOEAIKE” meaning “Clean Air” or “Pure Air”. Their music’s ambivalent tones, with a mix of rage and reverie, seeks to transform the pent-up insecurity and uncertainty that shrouds our present-day climate, into a spirit of redemption for the future, where human beings can live harmoniously in the natural environment. The “contrast” remix has been done by Kommodo, the “feel” remix is by Hells Kitchen. Kommodo is the techno project created by the Brazilian dj/producer Rivadávia Coura. Hailing from the beautiful island of Florianópolis, Kommodo delivers his music full of feelings and melodies Hells Kitchen – a musician with his outlook on music and sound. Love, pain, distress, happiness, smiles and emotions, all these feelings in the music of Hells Kitchen.In each work the author shares part of their soul, not afraid to experiment and move forward without looking back. Each track is – it is new emotions, new feelings, which he shares with the audience! Experiments over the broken rhythms and melody, turn to blow up the soul and emotions of beating the listener of the composition. Lyrics in Techno, Minimal, and Progressive – is the main focus of the musician. The beats of the tracks are clear and perfectly relaxing, highly recommended to create in your studio or party and chill!