Palinodia is the name of the musical project formed by Alex Kounalakis. This Greek musician, born on the largest island of the Hellenic country, Crete, is a multi-instrumentalist and passionate about sound design. In his live performances, apart from providing his own voice, guitar and synthesizers are always present, and he began to take his first steps in the studio at the age of sixteen. On this occasion, Palinodia presents his second reference for Awen Tales, an EP with two Melodic Techno tracks rich in nuances.

The EP opens with a pulsating and hypnotic bassline that belongs to Invaders, to which samplers and analogue bursts are added. The cosmic inspiration of this first track of the EP is present from start to finish, with a pause in the journey that allows for a breather to gather momentum.

Fading to Dust is a very suggestive title for the second track of the EP, with a soft beginning that is soon altered by a decisive rhythmic base in which an organic snare sound predominates. To finish the track off, Alex adds his own vocal track and an ethereal guitar riff that polishes off an excellent track.