FADING TO DUST / Palinodia, jeancy, Boss Axis

Alex Kounalakis´ passional musical project is called Palinodia. Fresh and unique sounds are offered to the listener in every production. AWEN Records is very pleased to introduce Fading To Dust EP from Palinodia. The release comes out with the Original Mix which is a powerful, deep and thrilling piece of melodic techno. Beautiful passages can he heard along the track. Harmonic synths and layered sounds combined with Alex´s hypnotic vocals give the track a solemn but potent profile. Jeancy Remix starts off with some atmospheric cosmic sounds and delayed synths. A filtered kick keeps giving intensity to the track till a dark bass knocks out fiercely. Vocal treatment by Jeancy goes a bit dark and deep, delivering such a foggy yet powerful sense to the song. The several moments of the track are joyful to listen, drops are intense, appealing and charming. Boss Axis delivers the other Remix that comes with the release. In this one expect some trippy playful arpeggios running around the main filtered vocals. The deep kick punches right at it, in the right moments. The progressive sense of the track comes out quite interesting.