Ethereal Future is an EP with three tracks created by V.A (Furkan Cinar, Mëi and Gueva) for Awen Tales. The first track is Furkan Cinar feat Damla Eker- Closed Eyes. Furkan Cinar is a DJ/Producer from Istanbul. He was born in Istanbul, in 1996. His style is distinguishing due to intense atmospheric and energetic techno sounds, deep and harmonic vibes.

The track begins resounding and sure maintained with a deep and femenine voice, the sound beats alive and continuous throughout the song. With an intense atmospheric and energetic techno sounds, deep and harmonic vibes with a lovely vocal sound.

The second one is Mëi Ft. Verona – Through My Eyes. Mëi was born in Argentina and based in Sydney, Australia. With an eclectic profile, he swims across different sounds to drive you through many journeys, heavy percussions, groovy bass lines combined with melodic vibes blend together with minimal elements, emotional pads and ambient atmospheres to give the result of his signature sound. He gets inspired from classical music, cinema and 80´s music.
Had supported big artists such as Rafael Cerato, Made in Paris, Ejeca, Kobosil, Loco and Jam, etc.

The track begins with waves of beats, the voice reminiscent of an angelic mermaid across the ocean. Because it sounds inviting and generates an acoustic environment by itself. Enhanced by a surround sound. The extensive knowledge of classical music is perfectly reflected in the track. The track is an internal journey through dance-able vibes and deep vocals.

The third one is: Gueva – Cuore Spezzato. Matias Guevara AKA Gueva is a 22-year-old young man originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a boy, he discovered his passion for music by introducing himself into the world of Hip-Hop. At 19 years of age he discovers his true love for electronic music, that’s when he decides to take musical production classes.Without being encased in a specific genre but with clear influences in the Melodic House And Techno and Indie Dance/Dark Disco…Using music as a catharsis when playing and producing generates different nuances in its listeners. Gueva is in the GAP between love and hatred, anger and peace, light and darkness.

The track can remind you of the feeling that a person can have during a romantic break. The position of the lyrics in the track increases the intensity of that feeling as well as the ups and downs of rhythm.