Swiss producer Patrick Ruprecht presents his latest creation: the EP “Endurium Element” on Awen Records with reference number 187. This EP is a masterpiece of electronic music that takes us on a unique and diverse sonic journey, characterised by bass, tone and chord production in a mystical atmosphere and combination never heard before. From the construction of the composition emerges an experimental sensation that develops an enormous tension and explosion that is discharged again and again. This multifaceted spectrum breaks down emotional and physical barriers, bringing peace and awe to hemispheres unknown to mankind. The EP features two mesmerising originals, “Infinity System” and “Space Light”, which are a real treat for the ears. Both pieces are inspired by mystical sounds with melodic and stormy main parts that warm the heart and provide great feelings of happiness. But that’s not all, to crown this EP, French producer Rafael Cerato presents his personal version of “Infinity System” in a remix that takes the track to another level. With his unique and distinctive touch, Rafael has created an impressive listening experience that is not to be missed. In short, “Endurium Element” is an electronic music EP that should be in every music lover’s collection. It is a masterpiece that combines the experimental, the mystical and the emotional into an unparalleled sonic experience.