DESIRE / Suit 9

Suit 9 comes to AWEN TALES with a powerful and layered music on his new EP called Desire. It comes with two original tracks. The use of arpeggios, trippy synths and hypnotic sounds is one of the main characteristics of Suit 9 sound. Desire is a punchy track with subtle chants and deep ridges. The use of filters gives the music different moments and textures that create incredible atmospheres. There is a subtle and almost hypnotic pad that might sound extremely tense yet profound. Very nice arpeggios give this track some sort of beauty that contrast in such a way that the audience will certainly react. The synth on the drop also has some certain degree of magical touch to the overall production. The song Audacity sounds as the names suggests. The producer gives the listener a fantastic trippy experience. He achieves this using pulsating synths and sounds that are so intense yet very pretty. The main vocal gives this tracks a special feeling and along with the synths and arpeggios the track becomes so sharp and profound. But make no mistake, Audacity can be a very powerful track to focus the dancefloor.