David Mimram, also known as Mimram, is back with an atmospheric and emotive EP on AWEN Records. This new production is called Defenseless. It comes with two outstanding tracks. David uses Matrixbrute and Moog´s Sub37 and takes advantage of its analog sounds in a perfect and hypnotic way. The first track goes by the name Defenseless, which gives name to the EP and is an absolute hypnotic track. A narrative trip with a cosmic deep pad that will make your emotions crisp. Powerful deep synths appear and will give an outstanding listening experience on the dancefloor. Bright Horizon fills the pack perfectly. It also fits gently to give this EP an overall and complete texture. The track manages to perfectly tell a story the producer feels a connection with. Analogue synths and pads take the listener to a journey full of deep emotions and feelings. Subtle drums go along with the main melody and the output is a fantastic emotional track.