Munich based Eddy Tango continues his musical growing path by joining AWEN Tales with this fantastic three tracker EP called Deepside. Influenced by a magic place Turkey, the whole pack is an outstanding music piece of melodic Techno and progressive. Eddy gives a glimpse of his talent by bringing this music on a live recording session and without using any arrangement or whatsoever.
The track that gives name to the EP, Deepside, is a moving and playful track which can bring momentum and energy to the audience. Pulsating sounds and acid synths bring such a tense drop only to bring the deep drums back to the focus. The main synth can be heard on the whole track and gives such a potent feeling.
Cihangir has a different feeling but don’t get it wrong, it has plenty of energy and power. The crispy gentle synth start to cuddle with the listener to make it comfortable. Then a twisted synth starts to give the music an acid and trippy direction. An unexpected music path but with a total sense of the genre focused on the dance floor.