CAPARA / Vooz Brothers

Danny Tuval, internationally renowned DJ and producer, and Ziv ‘Zigo’ Goland, successful musician and producer, are the members of the Vooz Brothers. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, both have long and successful careers; Danny has been a fixture in DJ booths around the world for 25 years, headlining at every Israeli festival and a booth partner to the biggest names in electronic music for the past few decades. Ziv “Zigo” Goland is a hugely successful musician and producer (he is the man behind Spoiled and Zigo’s great classic club anthem More and More from 1999). The beginning of their collaborations together is anchored in the early years of this 21st century, and already as Vooz Brothers they have been releasing their tracks for a decade. During that time, the Israeli producers have had an eclectic mix of styles in their creations, and their debut release for Awen Records is the EP entitled Capara. The EP’s opening and title track is an infectious, beat-infectious techno payload designed to lift spirits in any club around the world. The defining rhythmic base and sequenced pad is joined by a vocal sample that evokes aromas of the Orient. Holy Water completes the EP, again with the signature of the duo: rhythmic power, simple but tremendously effective percussive base, and again those vocal samples that evoke Middle Eastern landscapes under an almost blinding sun.