Breaking Silence / Matan Tamal

Matan Tamal is a young warrior and music producer from Isreal. He recovered from an accident and is now back into music with this exciting and aggressive EP called Breaking Silence. AWEN Records is proud to present this music piece formed by two melodic techno tracks. Breaking Silence is a mighty track. Deep and potent kick that go along with ethnic, yawning synths and solemn sounds and flute like melodies make a perfect combo for an energetic dance. Yopo, second track of the EP, comes with a more joyful vibe. But do not get confused, it is vibrant, hypnotic, heavy and mighty. Oscilating deep sounds take the listener to a profound state and journey. Unplumbed melodies sound in the drop contrasting with some extremely acid synths keep the atmosphere tense just to give in by the heavy kick that punches right in.