Awen Records is proud to present its latest release, the standout EP titled “Bewildered,” by the talented Mexican artist Andreas Wenz. With reference number AWEN199, this EP features two captivating tracks: “Bewildered” and “Hardwork.” Introducing Andreas Wenz: The Pioneer of Underground Electronic Music Andreas Wenz, known as DJ Andreas Wenz, has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. As a co-owner of Awen Records, he has been an architect of a distinctive sound and a unique vision. Andreas Wenz is recognized for his turntable prowess, taking listeners on a hypnotic journey with every mix. His passion for music and his ability to create unique experiences have propelled him to the top of the industry. Now, in the next phase of his career, Andreas Wenz is gearing up to release his debut original EP on Awen Records, titled “Bewildered.” This highly anticipated release will feature two original tracks that capture the essence of his distinctive style. In a world saturated with generic sounds, Andreas Wenz stands out as a true pioneer. His ability to merge musical passion and creativity has made him a leader in the underground electronic music scene.