Awen Records, a trailblazing force in the electronic music scene, is thrilled to unveil the captivating new release “Automatic Behaviour” by the talented artist Heckman. Under the reference number Awen199A, this EP delivers a fusion of innovative soundscapes that showcase Heckman’s exceptional craftsmanship as a producer. Heckman, a veteran with more than two decades in the music industry, has cultivated a distinguished career as both a DJ and a producer. His journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries and crafting a distinctive sonic identity that resonates with an enthusiastic audience. “Automatic Behaviour” features two original tracks that underscore Heckman’s artistry and musical prowess. The title track, “Automatic Behaviour,” serves as a captivating sonic journey that immerses listeners in a realm of hypnotic rhythms and ethereal textures. The fusion of intricate melodies and mesmerizing beats showcases Heckman’s keen ability to harness the power of hardware instruments, including Elektron Digitakt, Syntakt, and Digitone. Complementing the EP is “Resonate,” a composition that seamlessly blends emotive melodies with a driving rhythm, offering an evocative experience that lingers in the mind long after the last note fades. Heckman’s masterful use of LFOs further enriches the sonic landscape, infusing each track with a sense of depth and character that distinguishes his work. Heckman’s journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for electronic music. His exploration of hardware instruments and tireless pursuit of innovation have helped shape a sound that captivates listeners across the globe. His work has garnered support from prominent figures in the industry, a testament to his impact on the electronic music scene. “Automatic Behaviour” is a reflection of Heckman’s multifaceted artistry, showcasing his prowess as a producer and his affinity for crafting evocative soundscapes. As a true aficionado of both hardware instruments and the studio environment, Heckman’s commitment to his craft is evident in every carefully crafted note.