Awen Records is thrilled to unveil its next release, the remarkable EP titled “Absence of Mind,” by the talented artist Bolth. With reference number AWEN201, this EP showcases two captivating original tracks: “Absence” and “Never Surrender.” Without constraints or barriers, Bolth’s intentions and impressions are vividly conveyed in his songs in the purest and most genuine manner. Drawing inspiration from the rock of the 70s and 80s as well as the melodic tendencies of House Music, Bolth ingeniously merges the roots of Techno into a creative and organic sound. His music is rich in groove, sound design, analog synths, and a digital complexity. Bolth is not just a producer and DJ, but also a multi-instrumentalist who lives and breathes music daily. His creations are infused with positive emotions and sentiments, aimed at resonating with his audience on a deep level. His influence has been evident in various significant charts within the Electronic Music Scene, with achievements such as reaching the top spot on Spotify Brasil’s biggest Electronic Music playlist, “mint Brasil.” Rapidly rising star Bolth proudly presents his latest EP, “Absence of Mind.” With an expanding presence in the electronic music scene, Bolth consistently graces various charts and has become a prominent figure in major electronic music festivals. “Absence of Mind” showcases two tracks, the eponymous “Absence of Mind” and the equally potent “Never Surrender.” Both tracks stand as a testament to Bolth’s proficiency in the Melodic Techno genre, skillfully weaving an intricate dance between abstraction and complexity, tranquility and excitement, and the fusion of analog and digital. The EP immerses listeners in a soundscape adorned with lush analog synths and layered digital elements. From moments of serenity to bursts of exhilaration, “Absence of Mind” beckons listeners to lose themselves in the music and embrace the rhythm, while never succumbing to the ordinary.