Awen Records is delighted to unveil the much-anticipated collaboration EP titled “Cosmic Rain,” a stunning fusion of talents by Areeas and Moodayz. With reference number AWEN202, this EP introduces two original tracks that transport listeners into a celestial realm: “Cosmic Rain” and “Eternal Flame.” A Harmonious Convergence: Areeas and Moodayz In a harmonious symphony of creativity, Areeas and Moodayz join forces to craft an extraordinary EP that ventures beyond the boundaries of conventional soundscapes. This collaborative effort brings together the unique sonic signatures of both artists, resulting in an ethereal journey that resonates with the cosmic. Exploring “Cosmic Rain” and “Eternal Flame” The track “Cosmic Rain” immerses listeners in a cosmic shower of melodies, evoking a sense of wonder and awe as each note cascades like raindrops from distant galaxies. “Eternal Flame,” on the other hand, ignites an eternal fire within the soul, capturing the essence of celestial energy and timeless passion. Together, these tracks forge a sonic odyssey that beckons us to explore the unknown. Awe-Inspiring Artistry in “Cosmic Rain” The collaborative effort between Areeas and Moodayz has resulted in an EP that embodies the spirit of celestial exploration. “Cosmic Rain” transcends the mundane, inviting listeners to embark on an otherworldly journey filled with emotive soundscapes and enchanting melodies. “Eternal Flame” further adds to this cosmic voyage, illuminating the path with its radiant sonic tapestry.