Awen Records is thrilled to unveil its latest release, the highly anticipated EP titled “Anonaly,” bearing the reference number AWEN198. This exciting release plunges listeners into the captivating realm of melodic techno, featuring two stunning original tracks and an enthralling remix. “Anonaly” EP brings together international talent: “Anonaly” – Uschowa and HeÎk: The duo Uschowa and HeÎk showcase their production prowess with this original track. “Anonaly” merges ethereal layers of melodies with pulsating rhythms, creating an auditory experience that transports listeners on a unique sonic journey. The fusion of melodic elements and rhythmic energy characterizes this track as a gem of the melodic techno genre. “Tell me why” – HeÎk and Arude: HeÎk teams up with Arude to present “Tell me why,” an original cut that captivates with its introspective atmosphere. Carefully crafted sound textures intertwine with an emotional progression, evoking a deep connection with both the dancefloor and the listener’s mind. This collaboration showcases the artists’ ability to create music that delves beyond the surface, encouraging listeners to explore their own thoughts and emotions. “Anonaly” Remix – Cenkk Cenkk takes the essence of “Anonaly” and transforms it into a unique reinterpretation. With his distinctive touch, Cenkk infuses his style into the track, adding fresh layers of sounds and taking the melody to new heights. The remix becomes an exciting and dynamic addition to the EP, ensuring that listeners experience the track from an entirely different perspective. “Anonaly” is an EP that encapsulates the essence of melodic techno at its finest. Through the diversity of tracks and the undeniable skill of the artists, Awen Records reaffirms its commitment to delivering electronic music that excites and resonates with the audience. The “Anonaly” EP (Reference: AWEN198) is now available on all streaming platforms and for digital download. Join Awen Records on this musical journey and discover the magic of cutting-edge electronic music.