ALTERED / Shamans

From Italy comes a duo formed by Alessio and Marco under the name of Shamans. The Italians bring their second release for Awen Records (they debuted on the label in March this year with Ares), the EP called Altered. This release is full of classic analogue sounds, sequenced from synthesizers with a legendary flavour. The EP’s title track, Altered, opens the release with a rhythmic pattern of inescapable dancefloor descent, in a clear demonstration that in many occasions simple structures are much more complex if we want them to be effective. Life is the theme that follows Altered, with a much more organic feeling, ethereal at times and loaded with feelings, and a complex rhythmic construction that gives it a very special flavour and a very definite identity of its own. A really touchy and carefully crafted track in its conception with a moving result. To close the EP comes Priority, a cut of classic Melodic with all its musical elements to which is added a vocal reinforcement that imbues Priority with its own personality. Shamans’ careers as producers have received a major boost from their protagonists in the last two years. Keep an eye out for more releases from this Italian duo, their progression is proving to be very interesting.