AEON / Cyantist, A · Tonic

Cyantist is a Dutch progressive techno project formed by Igor Dolfing and Victor Hoffmann, founding fathers of the Viking techno scene. The duo is known for creating melancholic anthems like “Yearning of the Mountains” (Dear Deer), techno with a groovy and mysterious atmosphere like “Within” (KDB Records) and, nowadays, for showcasing their own genre ‘Viking Techno’ mixing techno with a wide range of ancient instruments dating back to the Stone Age, played by bands like Danheim and Wardruna. This time they bring us their Ep Aeon in which the producers wanted to create Techno, but this time something different. A journey that touches the soul, and leaves you in ecstasy. Accompanied by an incredible melancholic and breakbeat vocal work, and a sour lead that makes you close your eyes and raise your hands. For Cyantist, an epic techno set is never complete without a melodic anthem that brings the dancefloor together. This ep is completed with a fantastic remix from Mexican producer A – Tonic. Where the soul of the original track is preserved and new ethereal elements are added that focus more on Melodic Techno, making it a perfect track for the dancefloor