Ethereal Techno label | Spain. Spanish label giving future vision in electronic music, focusing on Ethereal Techno, full of nostalgic synthesizers, abstract melodies, hypnotic rhythms and cold atmospheres. These are the keys that shape its sound identity. Committed to search new talents, and counting with more advanced artists each time. Awen is a project made with strong personality and dedication, driven by people who can really feel and understand electronic music. Awen Records has managed to incorporate relevant artists, of the international Ethereal Techno scene. Starkato, Vald Jet, Pedro Mercado, Balde&Bear, Paul Sawyer, Alfonso Muchacho, Animal Print, Rafael Cerrato, Jeancy, 88 Dubs, Lorraine Roar, Eddk, Manuel Ro, Againstme, Antonio Ruscito. And many more…

These are some of the more than 100 artists who currently signed music at Awen Records In the first year, Awen’s music has been chosen by some of the giants in the international scene such as Tale of Us, getting nice feedback from great artists.

Awen Tales is a parallel project of Awen Records, That was born to host good artists that send us demos that every day. It’s a well differented project, but also with some elements in common, where we explore the most personal sounds of our artists, with more presence in percussions and natural instruments mixed up to melodic synths.

In its conjunction is born a label ready to not only make you dance on the floor; It’s also full of feelings and will move you to ethereal landscapes.. as we like.


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